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have been making custom knives since 1996 in different styles for different tasks. I make Hunting knives, Camp knives,
Fishing knives, Daily Use knives, Kitchen knives, Hiking/Backpacking knives, Novelty knives and many other styles. I also
sell some Custom knives made by other makers. These can all be found on my CUSTOM KNIVES page.

Like other knife makers most of my early knives were given to friends and are still in service. I produce the very
best knives that I can. Most of my hand-made custom knives feature hand forged high carbon Damascus steel blades
and organic handles made from Antler, Horn, Leather, Birch Bark, Stag or Stabilized Woods and other materials. I have
also introduced three new custom knife styles, Model 1, Model 2 and Model 3. The prototypes are available on the
custom knives page for under $100 each.

My Buck Knife collection, begun in 1967, will be sold on this site too. Mostly Buck 110 folding hunters, there are a few
others that caught my eye and slipped in over the years. I was one of the early lifetime members [Lifetime member 497, 1998]
of the Buck Knife Collectors Club. There are a little over 200 of them. They will be added to the FACTORY/OTHER KNIVES page
as I get them organized and photographed. Some new and used knives I have taken in trade over the years will also be
included on that page. I am working on the last 50 or so Buck Knives. You can see my current eBy auctions under my user name- windancer.

I also enjoy making some other artistic and useful blacksmith items including steel Roses, steel fruit/veggies vessels,
rail road spike knives, BBQ flippers, grimple boxes, leaf key rings and wall hooks, tiny spice spoons made from
horse shoe nails and many other items that strike my fancy :)  These can be found on my STEEL ART page.

Making and using custom knives predictably led to an interest in Custom Leather sheaths. Some that I feel are
unusually beautiful or useful  can be found on my SHEATHS page.

Other interesting/unusual things may be found on my ODD BITS page.

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I ship to the USA ONLY
I ship using USPS Priority Mail. Orders ship for $9.50 including insurance. Several items will ship for that rate, regardless
of how many items.
That flat rate is per TOTAL order.

Sales tax of 8% applies to all sales in Washington State. If your PayPal delivery address is NOT in Washington State the
sales tax will be refunded.

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I recommend Birchwood Casey gun wipes to preserve not only guns but knives as well.
$1.50 EACH

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