Mod1a $95 SOLD

This is one of my three best selling knives. Ultra light but very tough. The blade has about a 3.5 inch cutting edge and the knife is
about 8 inches overall. The handle is double black [black canvas, black resin] full 1/4 inch Micarta with 2 through black Micarta pins
and a brass lined lanyard hole. I was able to find an old sawmill bandsaw blade made from 15N20 steel [9 inches
wide and 22 feet long!] to make these knives. The blade is very tough due to the many years of work performed by bandsaw blade and being
outdoors through many, many seasons has weather hardened in addition to the work hardening. Takes a great edge but it
still easily sharpened. The blade maintains some flexibility. Tough steel makes a better knife than hard steel. Finish on
the knife and handle is bead blasted. Should the finish ever need redoing your nearest glass place will usually redo the
finish very reasonably [they charge me $5 here]. The premium leather sheath is included.