COINRINGS $ Various Prices as marked
These are key rings [or necklaces if you have a neck chain or leather thong] that I hand forged from current US Coins in
various denominations and combinations of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. No two are alike and the
different prices result from the ending weight and shape of the forged coins. This is my 5th and final set of pictures.
There is no way for me to get pictures that look as good as the actual results. There is NO LAW prohibiting this type of
work with US coins. Defacing is ONLY illegal if the intent is to pass currency/coins as a higher denomination.
 [Changing a 1 dollar bill to look like a 10 dollar bill, for example].

The coins are copper color and silver color in great patterns with high-gloss and satin / dull areas.

CA $10

CB $12

CC $14

CD $14

CE $16

CF $16

CG $18

CH $20

CI $20